Web Site Design & Development

Design, Develop & Deliver!


The design process does not have to be difficult and uncomfortable. We have developed a simple conversational style of questions and answers to get the information necessary to begin shaping the look, feel and function that you want.

Our goal is to produce an end result that represents your business and attracts the customers you are trying to reach.

We use wireframe and graphic mock-ups, and other diagrams as an important part of the process in order to confirm that we are heading in the right direction. The mock-ups are an opportunity for you to make changes before the work of development begins. Once you have chosen a mock-up that best meets your needs, and have signed off on it, no more major changes may be requested without incurring additional costs. Significant design changes during the development stage can be time consuming and costly, so we do everything we can to minimize them.



Now that we have determined the look, feel and function required, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, and process of taking the approved mock-up and turning it into a working web site begins.

In addtion to a great look and feel, the function of a site is extremely important. Specific components may be necessary to accomplish your goals, such as a data base, shopping cart or other third party components.

You may desire to have the ability to update information and make changes yourself through a maintenance page. Perhaps you would like reports to be created automatically, and then emailed, or you may wish to have advertisements and rich media components to your on site. We will develop or select “the right tool for the right job”.



GSV WebDesign is absolutely goal oriented. Our job is to make our customers happy. We want to create your vision and surpass your expectations. Our satisfaction guarantee is that if it’s not a working version of the mock-up you approved or better, we will change it for free!

We know a satisfied customer and word of mouth is the best way to grow our business. To that end we pay a referral fee to any exiisting customer that brings us a new paying client.

Our clients are extremely important to us. We are not a giant web site farm, nor do we sell an overly simplistic “do it yourself” web software package that lacks a personnel touch and important “face to face” time. You will not be dealing with a novice that will eventually supply you with a sub-par result. You will be dealing with a friendly professional with over 30 years of experience. My name is Gordon Van Someren, I am the owner of GSV WebDesign and I believe that success of my company depends upon the success of my clients, that is why we strive to deliver a great site with great personal service. That is my vision, now let's discuss your vision.