Why choose GSV WebDesign?
The sites designed by GSV WebDesign use the most current technology available. Therefore GSV WebDesign can develop a full range of solutions based upon your needs. Advanced features like site search, shopping carts and discussion forums are no problem. Best of all, we work closely with you through the whole process so that you get exactly what you need. Your website is a 24 hour a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year commercial advertisement for your business. It should reflect the very best of your image. We design and develop web sites to suit every need. We offer a full range of web design services ranging from complete site design to maintenance and upgrade of existing sites.
About GSV WebDesign
Screen Shot of Alanis Moressette's ONE tour 2000 website.
GSV WebDesign is a web development and design company that specializes in custom website design and implementation. Owner and developer Gordon Van Someren has been in the computer technology field for over 30 years. He served as head of Research and Development, and as a senior web developer on rich media web sites at the IdeaLab-backed entertainment venture Z.com.
Screen Shot of Oliver Stones Z.com website.
He is also listed as primary inventor on multiple United States technology patents. Internet related patents include multiple real-time content streaming channels, and time based synchronization of multi-camera systems He has managed development and engineering of celebrity web sites for Oliver Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alanis Morrisette's "One" tour 2000. All of these projects applied revolutionary live and archived streaming technologies, giving audiences unique and intimate access to a reality-based celebrity story. GSV WebDesign strives to stay on the forefront of the most current technologies available. Our ability leverage the precise integration of those technologies allows us to deliver custom designed compelling and functional web content.